A long lasting concrete sealing starts with detailed preparation. Due to the fact that most concrete has never had a thorough deep cleaning we’ve developed a process that removes years of embedded moss and dirt from the pores of the concrete. Our penetrating sealer is engineered to chemically bond with concrete. The sealer cannot properly bond with the concrete if it is not completely clean. If the concrete is not cleaned it would be like painting a dirty house, the paint would not adhere as well as if the house was meticulously cleaned. Once the concrete is prepared, we apply a high quality, commercial grade, long lasting, penetrating, silane concrete sealer. This process will protect your concrete from the inside out. Our sealer is engineered to get the maximum depth of penetration. This is not a topical surface sealer. It does not leave a film or a high gloss on your concrete that is easily burned off by the sun. Because of its deep penetration below the surface it will last for many many years before needing reapplication. This will protect your concrete against spalling, staining, and other harmful chemicals. Extending the life of your concrete while also eliminating the need for costly on going maintenance.