The Process:

1. Complete a thorough site evaluation
2. Create a grouting plan and an appropriate grid pattern
2. Lay out the grid pattern and drive in the injection pipes
3. Determine an injection point sequence, based on conditions
4. Inject the resin into each point at the correct pressure and volume
6. Extract pipes, seal drill holes and clean up the site

The Applications:

• Bridge Approach Slabs
• Sinkhole Remediation
• Railroads
• Highways
• Driveways
• Loose Sand/Soil

What Causes Unstable Soil?


Poor drainage, improperly placed downspouts, leaking drain pipes, and broken water lines are common culprits.

Biological Decay

Construction trash pits, buried trees, and other biodegradable materials all break down. Sometimes structures are built over these areas.

Poor Compaction

When backfilling on a jobsite, the contractor is supposed to compact the backfill by driving over it with heavy equipment. However, this isn’t always done properly for one reason or another.


Processes of freezing and thawing essentially accelerate erosion processes. Cold weather freezes moisture trapped in tiny cracks. When this water freezes, it expands, subsequently pushing on the rocks and breaking them into smaller pieces. As processes of freezing and thawing continue, rock and sediment are continually broken down.