Soil Stabilization and Void Fill: Sound concrete and foundations rely on a sound substrate. We can stabilize soils and fill voids with our polyurethane foams and grouts for permeation and compaction in wet and dry conditions. Ranging from 2 feet deep to 60 feet deep.

DCP/Penetrometer Testing: We use a penetrometer to test the compaction of the different layers of soil so we can determine where we need to focus our stabilization injections.

Sink hole chemical grouting: After doing our best to determine the cause we make a plan to fill and permanently remediate the void in the ground to allow for stability under buildings, landscaping or road building. As deep as 21 feet…so far!

Increase Load Bearing Capacity Under Footings: Structures settle because the load bearing soil has failed. Once we determine the cause, depth and soil type we make a plan including specific products and product placement. We inject the product to depth supporting the sinking structure and stabilizing soils and closing voids between footings and sub-base soils.

Chemical Grout Shoring: By injecting single component grout we have transformed lose gravel/road-mix into solid mass allowing excavation immediately next to existing structures to maintain the integrity of sub-base soils supporting nearby foundations.

Pressure Grout and/or Curtain Grout Cracks in Foundation Walls: Water-stop issues can be challenging but our water activated grouts are designed to stop even the most frustrating water intrusion issues.

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